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Adam Shepski

Missionary / Leader / Speaker / Author

“It matters that we share the Gospel.”

Adam's Faith Story

When I gave my life to Jesus, everything changed. From that moment forward I have served to help others experience that same transformaiton.

Untamed Obedience

God is looking to impact the world and our obedience is the tool He uses to craft it. Untamed Obedience is about partnering and walking with God to further His Kingdom.

Watch the 700 Club Canada interview about Adam’s first book. 

Building for an Empowered Church

“If the Christian were to grasp all that is available in Jesus, the world would sing His praise.”

Adam serves as a missionary and gives leadership and direction to the ministry and team of Disciple A City, including its nationwide strategy Every Disciple Sent. His intent and work are to see the Canadian Church known for boldness in evangelism and mission.

New Book // Untamed Obedience

Obedience is the love song of the church. Therefore, your obedience is not optional. Jesus commands it, and your life, family, church, and city need it. There are giants to fight, injustices to defeat, and the lost to save. God is looking to impact the world and your obedience is the tool in which He crafts it.

“Adam’s great storytelling ability and the powerful God testimonies throughout this book are encouraging, inspiring and challenging.” – Jason Chin / Loves Says Go

About Adam

After coming to Jesus at the age of 18, Adam and his wife Melissa raised their own support as missionaries and began working with Youth for Christ in local, national and international roles for 15 years. While Adam was developing prayer and evangelism strategies for Youth for Christ globally, he discovered that only 10% of Canadian believers had shared the Gospel once in the past six months. Seeing that the Canadian church has wrestled with how to engage and fulfill the Great Commission Adam pulled from his global experience in leadership, fundraising and innovation with Youth For Christ and helped found Disciple A City. Disciple A City trains churches, organizations and individuals with simple tools to share the Gospel and disciple new believers. By 2020 the work and team of Disciple A City had grown and was seeing many people transformed by Jesus. This led Adam and his wife Melissa to resign from Youth for Christ and continue to raise their support as missionaries to direct DAC full time. With the DAC team, Adam founded Every Disciple Sent as a multi-organization initiative to call and train Canadians nationally to ignite mission, share Jesus and multiply hope. He is ordained with Anchor Ministerial Fellowship and believes the future of the Canadian church hinges on the equipping and sending of every believer. Adam, Melissa and their sons live in Peterborough County. 


// Video Teaching & Stories

I have had the joy to encourage leaders all over the world. Here are some of the stories and talks I have given to encourage others in Christ.

“The future of the Canadian Church hinges on the equipping and sending of every believer.”

According to a recent Alpha Canada Study only 9% of churches highly prioritize evangelism, and only 44% of churches (in some way) equip those they serve to share the Gospel and make new disciples.

There is a cultural norm that exists (usually through lack of modelling) within the Canadian Church in which the Christian has viewed their participation in the Great Commission as optional. This has resulted in a decline in both church attendance and church planting.

I want to change this and honestly believe through the equipping, mobilizing and sending of churches, teams, organizations and individuals the future of the Canadian Church is marked with hope, mission, purpose and health.

Isaiah 60:1-3



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